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Results for: ocean (demo)

Ocean view ♪ Convenience stores and supermarkets are about 6 minutes by car. It is also recommended for second houses!
Located near Ocean Expo Park, this is a building with one store and two households! The first floor is a restaurant, and the second floor is a lodging facility.
It's here (*^▽^*) The ocean view☆ The blue sea and the beautiful sunset all to yourself!
Ocean view ♪ You can live while looking at the sea ♪
Would you like to become an owner of an ocean view hotel located in the northern resort area?
[Sesoko Island Ocean View BBQ Garden 3LDK] The site is spacious 208 tsubo. 5 parking lots. It can also be used as a second house, a recreation center, and a private lodging facility.
A must-see for people looking for private lodgings and second houses! An ocean view property is now available in the popular area of Motobu-cho Sesoko! There are 2 buildings. Please feel free to contact us♪
Ogimi (within the Yamahara World Natural Heritage Site), an environment where you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance with the natural greenery! Spacious living room 33.3㎡! With a separate building (about 46㎡)! Acquired inn business simple lodging! Solar system (23.5kw) installed! It is a property that expects income from private lodging and electricity sales
Premium area in Nakijin Wellness Village! An ocean view detached house where you can enjoy the ocean view from the balcony and enjoy the resort feeling of tropical Okinawa. Currently in operation. About 18 minutes by car to Churaumi Aquarium♪
About 3 minutes by car to Kouri Beach! An ocean view villa and guest house overlooking the Kouri Bridge. From the living room, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and enjoy the feeling of a resort.
Ocean view overlooking the East China Sea and Kouri Island! A detached house with a red tile roof built on a cliff by the sea!
Ocean view from the hill of Nakijin! ! 2 households of 1LDK. Currently operating as a lodging facility! While living on the 2nd floor with a good view, the 1st floor can be used as a rental or accommodation facility♫
It was an ocean view property on Kouri Island ????✨ You can use it as an accommodation facility with furniture and home appliances ???? How about a stress-free life in a relaxing environment? ????????
A healing space surrounded by nature♪ Feels like a cafe while looking at the ocean from afar♪ An indoor space where you can feel the warmth of wood! Please feel free to contact us.
It's an ocean view property☆♪Inside Kibogaoka♪4LDK/Parking for 3 cars is possible (1 car must be checked) Good housing! Second house is also a good property. We can guide you with a prior request (^^ ♪ We are also introducing the room on Youtube!
Ocean view RC detached house. A tropical resort style in a spacious garden. Enjoy the charms of the northern part☆ Income from sales of solar power: about 120,000 yen per year
[Ryokan business license acquired] Ocean view Renovated in 2020
A second-hand detached house with a garden has opened in Aza Kuba, Nakagusuku Village! LDK 19 chapters of RCB construction! Ocean view from two balconies
A stylish Western-style building with an ocean view has opened in the popular Araha Beach area!
A stylish Western-style building with an ocean view has opened in the popular Araha Beach area!
《Second-hand house 3-chome, Shiozaki-cho, Itoman-shi》■Ocean view■RC 3-story building! There are terraces on the 2nd and 3rd floors! How about having a BBQ with your family and friends while gazing at the ocean? (*^^*) Please feel free to contact us for covered parking!
[There is a detached house with an ocean view in Soukei! ] A two-story property that is great for families. Comes with a carport and a waterproof roof. Other facilities are also enriched ♪ About 4 minutes to Ginoza Village IC! For details, contact the Nago store of Takuichi Real Estate Co., Ltd. ♪ 0980-45-0055
★High ground❕❕Beautiful residential area for foreigners (^▽^)/Ocean view from rooftop terrace☆彡
A property with an ocean view from the rooftop where you can see the sea♪ You can enjoy a barbecue in the 130 tsubo garden ★ There is also a spacious living room and a spacious parking space♪ You can use it as a private residence or as a private lodging◎

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