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★Shop/residence★Near National Route 329☆Convenient location for living☆2 minutes walk from Yonabaru Police Station
House with restaurants along the national highway ☆彡 [2SLDK + 2 shops] On the 1st floor there is a spacious living room with tatami space and WIC on the 2nd floor★ The Western-style room on the 1st floor has a back door, so it can be used as a salon, etc. increase! !
[Renovated] September 24th (Saturday) Reservation required tour will be held (reservation required by 18:00 the day before) All rooms will be changed to 3LDK with Western-style rooms. The water line will also be replaced with a new one. A convenient location for shopping, about a 4-minute walk (300m) to the Sanei Mizugama store.
The long-awaited detached house in Kamiseto, Chatan Town has been completed! ! Opportunity to purchase a home at an affordable price! ! Close to Kokutai Road and the Yamauchi area, convenient for shopping. Good access as it is close to Okinawa Minami Interchange!
[Video included] Handover after splitting! It is scheduled to be about 72 tsubo after the division! Located just off the street of Warumi Ohashi! Why don't you renovate and increase the living area!? How about renovating shops, etc.? You can also negotiate to rent the neighboring land as a parking lot!
The property is located in a quiet community area. You can see the sea and fields from the second floor! The 1st floor is being rented to an auto repair shop, and the 2nd floor has been renovated for residential use. There is a solar panel on the roof (Eco Cute).
This is a house for sale in Ohara Village (Hamikazami Naka) on Iriomote Island, a remote island! ! Located in a quiet residential area, close to shops ☆ Recommended for residences, guesthouses, second houses, etc. ☆彡
This is a house for sale in Ohara Village (Hamikazami Naka) on Iriomote Island, a remote island! ! Located in a quiet residential area near a shop ☆ Recommended for residences, guesthouses, second houses, etc. ☆彡
Detached property standing in a corner of the village, with a large shopping center just a short walk away
Located close to the city center, it is a convenient area for shopping. You can rent a monthly parking lot nearby, but since the site is large, the garden can be used as a parking space.
It is a one-storied house with a spacious entrance. There are many rooms and enough parking space. Located just off National Highway 502 and close to shopping.
Toyosaki is a new town where residential areas, tourism and commercial facilities are in perfect harmony! Convenient access from Naha Airport, shopping at many commercial facilities, close to Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach, enjoying beach barbecues, and watching the sunset on the horizon (^^)
《Second-hand house Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City》RC 2-story building! There is a terrace and a garden space! Parking for 4 cars is possible♪Toyosaki Elementary School is a 7-minute walk/about 520m! There are plenty of commercial facilities nearby, making it convenient for shopping. Easy access to the main street!
It is a store and residence. A 6-minute walk from the station, urban area property in the shopping district.
Iwadeyama is a quiet historic town where Date Masamune lived for 12 years before moving to Sendai Castle. Meisho-no-Mori sells mixed forests in lots from 300 tsubo or more. People who love the copse of trees that bring the blessings of the mountains, build their own homes in nature, make pottery, grow mushrooms, woodwork, and aim for self-sufficiency, all fulfilling their dreams. The Miyamorizawa district has 16 sections in total, and there are 3 permanent residents. It takes about 10 minutes by car to the station for daily shopping necessary for life, and there are several local houses in the surrounding fields, fields, and pastures. A 30-minute drive to Naruko Onsen, known as the hot spring yokozuna of the East, it is also a base for those who enjoy visiting hot springs and those who like mountain stream fishing.
The location is 5 minutes by car to Taketa city, convenient for shopping. 10 minutes by car to the other sightseeing spots "Oka Castle Ruins", and 5 minutes by car to Takeda Springs "Kawada Springs" and "Izumi Springs", which are selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. There is a vast farmland in front of the house, but this property does not have a farmland forest. It is for those who do not plan to farm.
It is a splendid property surrounded by a fence of about 260 tsubo! Main building, adjoining detached storehouse, warehouse with shutters and detached house, garden and vegetable garden are spacious and open (*´▽`*) It is hardly used after the full renovation, so maintenance is unnecessary. You can move in ♪ (All the plumbing has been newly installed) It will be a rural life, but the station is close, and it is in a convenient location for shopping and school. The parking space is also wide, so it is a recommended property for shops ♪
A compact and cute Showa retro old private house appeared (*´ω`*) It is an old private house with a nostalgic and calm atmosphere. The land is about 86 tsubo, with a storage shed and a small garden space in the back. The building is a one-story house with a comfortable floor plan. Fully renovated inside and out, ready to move in! This property also has a new water area (kitchen, washroom, bath, restroom)! The renovation work of the dining kitchen is a renovation that has never been done before ♪ I tried to make it a rhd kitchen so that it is bright and wide and easy to use. The ceiling is made to look like an old private house with exposed beams (*^_^*) It's in a convenient place for living, such as the station, shopping, and school, so I think it's easy for people of all ages to live. For the generation raising children ♪ For those who want to live in a small countryside leisurely ♪
The main building is an old private house built in S4. In addition to the main building, the building has a workshop of 107.43 m2 built in 1964 (the second floor is a residence), and a storeroom of 33 m2 built in S2. In addition, there are many photographs such as the inside of the main house, the inside of the residence and work place. Please contact us.
There are fashionable pensions and shops.
It is a large residential area facing the prefectural road. The shape of the land is almost rectangular. There are elementary schools, public nursery schools, shops and a temple (Kinjoji) nearby. The Amakusa Orange Line (farm road) is also nearby, making it recommended for cycling and touring.
There are small shops, a post office, a JA, and a doctor's office nearby, making it a very convenient place in Himeto. The Himedo Port is nearby, making it an ideal base for fishing. It is desirable to be able to self-renovate because some repairs are necessary to live comfortably.
Quiet residential area with one block from the street! The Haruru Tree Shopping Center is a 3-minute drive away, making it convenient for shopping ☆ There is a lot of nature, and there are convenience stores, hospitals, nursery schools, and children's parks nearby, so it is also recommended for those raising children!
Recommended for those who want to start a shop. It is a sunny one-story house.

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