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4 Takinamicho, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture, Katsuyama City
Ochii-cho, Sabae City Second-hand detached house
Used detached house Kidamachi Used detached house -
Terute-cho 4-chome Pre-owned detached house
Fukui City Fuku 2-chome Pre-owned house
Matsuoka Ryoke, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Kawaharabatake 16
Fukui Railway Fukubu Line Hokufu Station 31 minutes on foot
Akaidani, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun Second-hand detached house
Second-hand detached house Higashi-Odori, Minami-Echizen-cho, Nanjo-gun (Second-hand house) -
Pre-owned detached house Fukui-shi Emorinakamachi 9 Shigesaki Pre-owned detached house -
Pre-owned detached houseTateishi Takahama-cho pre-owned house -
Used detached house Fuyunocho 4, Fukui city Obata Used detached house -
Sakai City Mikuni-cho Sports Park 3-chome Second-hand detached house
Pre-owned detached house 75 Hosono, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun Amatanoue Pre-owned detached house -
3-chome Mizuochi-cho, Sabae City Second-hand detached house
Second-hand detached house Midorigaoka 4-chome, Mikuni-cho, Sakai-shi, detached house -
19, Nishi Tanaka, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun Minami Mitsuya Used detached house
Hondocho, Fukui detached house
2-chome Taneike, Fukui detached house
JR Hokuriku Main Line Echizen Hanado Station / 20 minutes on foot
Echizen-Togo Station on the Etsumihoku Line / 3.2km by car
It is a property near Awara Onsen town. The nearest hot spring facility is about 300m.
Close to elementary school and nursing home! It is a spacious sales area of about 1400 tsubo! It can be used for various purposes such as new businesses in Mikuni-cho, where many stores have opened in recent years! Water and sewage already connected

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