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JR Sanyo Main Line Kamogata Station / 11 minutes on foot
A property in a convenient location. The station is near.
JR Sanyo Main Line Kamogata Station / 37 minutes on foot
Second-hand detached house 4LDK Omoto 2-chome, Kita-ku, Okayama City ~Good location with convenient living facilities~ -
Used detached house JR Ako Line Hinase Station 5.5km
A home for DIY lovers. It is beautiful around the water. Quiet location.
House with sea view for family. Comes with parking for 3-4 cars.
Rental is also possible: 30,000 yen/month. Corner property in housing complex. Pets are allowed. You can have a home garden.
A property with a large garden and a view of the sea. It is located on a quiet hill. I have a field and a garden.
Family property on corner lot. With garden and carport.
A house on a slope with a view of the sea. The starry sky is beautiful at night.
Second-hand detached houseSecond-hand detached house Kitaune 3-chome -
Used single-family houseSecond-hand house Tsurajima-cho Kamejima Shinden -
Second-hand detached house Sojashi Ekiminami: 5LDK: New property constructed by Ichijo Komuten -
Second-hand detached house Mimasaka Mikurata detached house -
Property with many rooms. It is beautiful around the water. It has a garden.
Rental is also possible: 32,000 yen/month. Please contact us for the price. It is a one-storied house with a parking lot.
Located in a quiet residential area in a convenient urban area.
Kaminomachi, Tsuyama City House
Second-hand detached house JR Ako Line Otara Station 22 minutes on foot
Used detached house Oimatsucho
80-6 Setomachishita, Higashi-ku, Okayama-shi
Second-hand detached houseSecond-hand detached house Mitsu Shinjo, Kita-ku -
Used detached house Onakayama, Wake-machi, Wake-gun

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