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4 Takinamicho, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture, Katsuyama City
Vacant house (residential)
Vacant house (residential)
Vacant house (residential)
Second-hand detached house Oaza Katagamiura, Saiki City, Oita Prefecture -
Used detached house in Semata, Ichihara City
Used detached house in Susaki, Tateyama City
Omaya, Ichihara City Pre-owned Houses
Second-hand detached house in Hasunuma, Sanmu City
Sanbu Kusabuka Used
Used detached house in Takiguchi, Shirahamacho, Minamiboso City
Used detached house in Matsunogo, Togane City
Used detached house in Sakaki-cho, Choshi-shi
Used detached house Kamiseno 1-chome Used detached house -
It is a property in Kumejima-cho, where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Currently rented (annual income 384,000 yen)! Consultation is possible for self-use. Please feel free to contact us. It's near the airport! (5 minutes by car)
15-59 Iwatate, Houki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture
Kurayoshi City Kamifukuda used house
Ocean view overlooking the East China Sea and Kouri Island! A detached house with a red tile roof built on a cliff by the sea!
Second-hand detached house Osako, Osako-cho, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate -
Second-hand detached house Karumai-machi, Kunohe-gun Oaza Yamauchi 3rd lot detached house -
Toyama Chitetsu Tateyama Line Kamagafuchi Station / 14 minutes on foot
Ainokaze Toyama Railway Isurugi Station / 15 minutes on foot
Toyama Chitetsu Tateyama Line Tazoe Station / 5 minutes by car

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