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Showa architecture that splendid beams tell. Spacious garden and barn! Recommended for renovating old folk houses.
Sanwa Ward, located in the center of Koshi City, has four distinct seasons, with hot and humid summers and snowy winters. It is built along Prefectural Route 43 and is about 15 minutes (about 11 km) by car from Joetsu Interchange. Commercial facilities that are convenient for daily life are lined up around the interchange, and while a highly convenient access environment is secured, you can enjoy a quiet life surrounded by the countryside around your home. There is a main building with a tasteful Japanese-style architecture such as a stately appearance and a Japanese-style room with a shoin-zukuri style.
Heisei architecture in the Matama area
It is a good old Showa Japanese style architecture. The parking space, garden and entrance are very large, so there is no problem when welcoming guests or in the morning when the family is busy!
It is an old folk house with a spacious atmosphere in the Taisho architecture and a spacious site with a garden.
A hot spring inn with a Japanese-style architecture with a retro atmosphere in the early Showa period
Heisei architecture, a beautiful property with a very good structure
A house made of natural materials with plenty of solid wood. It is a traditional Japanese architecture with elaborate craftsmanship, with alcove, banma, shoji screens, sliding doors, tiled roofs, plaster, and large beams.
Good sunlight! It is a wooden property with Japanese style architecture
Hot spring inn price of Japanese-style architecture with retro atmosphere of the Showa era 386 million yen
Ward: Uramachi/Rental 10,000 yen/month/Architecture time: Meiji/Large-scale repairs (fee allowance for tenants)/Facilities: Japanese-style toilet, bath kerosene
Kadokawa-cho Oza Uchi Meiji Architecture Old Private House with Garden
Japanese architecture heiji-ken price 12.8 million yen with beautiful garden in the quiet suburbs
A hot spring inn with a retro-style Japanese-style architecture in the early Showa period. Price 38 million yen
6DK Japanese architecture which is quiet and quiet with no house around

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