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Results for: farm (demo)

One-story property with farmland and wilderness
It is a house with a large site! The view is also good! How about a family farm using the land below?
Detached farm house
If you want to farm, this is the place! A splendid two-story house in the field farming area
The location is 5 minutes by car to Taketa city, convenient for shopping. 10 minutes by car to the other sightseeing spots "Oka Castle Ruins", and 5 minutes by car to Takeda Springs "Kawada Springs" and "Izumi Springs", which are selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. There is a vast farmland in front of the house, but this property does not have a farmland forest. It is for those who do not plan to farm.
This is an introduction of a Japanese house located on the side of the highway from Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, where there are many tourist spots. Although it is 4.5 km from Kuze Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway, it is built at the foot of a mountain and there are almost no houses around, so it is a property where you can enjoy the feeling of a detached house. It's a 5DK, so it's just the right floor plan, and the 1st floor has 6 tatami mats and 8 tatami mats, so it's possible for people to get together! The DK is not too big and you can go out to the backyard from the back door. The tap water is drawn from well water, so you can use natural water as much as you want by turning on the faucet! On the 2nd floor, there are 2 Japanese-style rooms with 6 tatami mats, each of which is a private room, so you can create a private space. The farmland is spread out right in front of the house, so it is easy to manage and you can enjoy fresh produce as soon as it is harvested. The gard
Wide kitchen counter, sunken hearth, rock bath, air conditioner, fan heater, shower toilet, residential land of 215 tsubo and farmland of 233 tsubo for home garden. The age of the building is the number of years in the tax ledger, and it is an unregistered building.
■ No need to modify ■ Suitable for permanent residence after retirement ■ With about 3 rolls of rice paddies ■ Farmer qualification possible ■ Storehouse and detached house It is a rural house blessed with rich nature that spreads out in the countryside. The mansion is a one-story old private house and has a very atmosphere. This time, we are doing a renovation that takes advantage of the goodness of an old private house.
Property with farmland★ 2 earthen storehouses★ Property suitable for rural life★ Good view★
It is a large-scale property that can be used for new farming in earnest. Equipped with public sewerage system. large flat farmlands. Approximately 158 square meters of storage and warehouse.
It is a large residential area facing the prefectural road. The shape of the land is almost rectangular. There are elementary schools, public nursery schools, shops and a temple (Kinjoji) nearby. The Amakusa Orange Line (farm road) is also nearby, making it recommended for cycling and touring.
A large site of a former farmer. A large warehouse is also used, with a spacious earthen floor that is a remnant of the old days when it was in business. A nostalgic building with a wide range of width to live comfortably in a vast place rich in nature.
An empty house with farmland. (We also sold the neighboring land on the west side (field: 1354 m2))
It is an old-fashioned one-story house located on a hill with a good view. Although some repairs are necessary, it is a good property with a warehouse and farmland where you can have a kitchen garden.
With farmland of 426 m2 and wilderness of 236 m2 near the residence, it is ideal for living in the countryside as desired, such as a vegetable garden. Separate building with barn and garage/warehouse. The building faces south and is sunny.
A farm house with a large site and many rooms and a workshop! There is a barn (cum-garage) and storehouse! In addition to the fields around the property, there are multiple fields far away from the residential area!
Property with farmland! Limited to UI turners (those who live outside Hirado City)! It is a property with many rooms on a spacious site. There is also a warehouse where agricultural equipment was stored on the premises. *Please contact us for details as there are announcements.
There is farmland next to the residential land! Would you like to enjoy a slow life while gardening? ?
There is farmland in the house! Property with warehouse It is close to Route 1 and Tsuchiyama IC, so access by car is convenient.
Located on a hill in the Hashima area, it has a great view and is close to public facilities such as schools and exchange centers, making it a convenient location. Old private house over 100 years old (building built by a shrine carpenter) You can enjoy farming in the field (542㎡) in the mansion.
A house with farmland (rice field, field) (permission from the Agricultural Land Act is required)
It is an old-fashioned farm house in a green residential area. In the spacious warehouse, farm work and outdoor work on rainy days are also possible.
Introducing a property with farmland in an area close to elementary and junior high schools in Yachiyo Ward.
The number of rooms is rather large, 8DK. Farmland (2,730 square meters) is also included! It is a property where you can live in the countryside with a moderate distance of about 1 km to the nearest supermarket. #Telework is also possible with optical line construction!

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