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Shimoota Old Folk House
Hario Nakamachi Old Folk House
An old folk house property that makes your heart flutter! *Because the owner is currently living in the property, advance reservations are required for viewing (local guidance), so please contact us by phone.
It will be a spacious old private house of 430 tsubo in Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture. There are also 7 rooms. There are only a few old folk houses, so how about visiting them once? Please feel free to contact us.
An old folk house near the center of Wakuya-cho for those who are new to country life. Renovating your bathroom can make your life easier. How about a few soba restaurants in this area?
It was a cheap old folk house! It is a current transaction of a 10-year vacant house with a land of about 98 tsubo, but it is a must-see old private house for those who like DIY! It is located in a quiet countryside surrounded by nature.
It is an old folk house over 100 years old.
There is a field connected to the building, so you can enjoy your home garden. The main building is a quaint old folk house, and although it has changed over the years, the plumbing has been renovated. The detachment has aged, but it is used less frequently and is very beautiful. The warehouse has recently been rebuilt.
An old folk house with a sunken hearth in Miyama-cho
An old folk house with a sunken hearth in Miyama-cho
A tasteful spacious house built with relocated beams from an old folk house in Tohoku, built on a strong rock and strong against disasters.
I will give you an old folk house cafe with a thatched roof in Nikko, recommended for local migration and entrepreneurship
Please use old folk houses in Aizu, relocation, use of old materials, etc.
An old folk house over 100 years old. With warehouse, forest and farmland. Land area 7655.38 square meters. If you would like to see the details, please register to use the Otaki Town Unoccupied House Bank.
Why don't you spend a leisurely slow life in an old folk house with a history and atmosphere that is nearly 100 years old? You can spend a relaxing time on the spacious site of about 800 tsubo.
It is a one-story property facing south and sunny. It has an old folk house style, with a solid gate and a spacious corridor, as well as a calm atmosphere with many Japanese-style rooms.
A 100-year-old folk house in a quiet suburb
It is a house near the sea. Recommended for those who like fishing, DIY, old things and old folk houses!
A quiet environment surrounded by rice fields. It is an old folk house that remains from the Meiji era.
Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Old folk house with field and garden
An old folk house in a birch grove with a clear stream flowing through the site
It is an old folk house with a large one-story field. There is a moat in the garden. Recommended for those who want to shop.
Old folk house style property on a large land
A large old folk house-style property on the Kakaji side

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