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It is a property near Awara Onsen town. The nearest hot spring facility is about 300m.
Iwadeyama is a quiet historic town where Date Masamune lived for 12 years before moving to Sendai Castle. Meisho-no-Mori sells mixed forests in lots from 300 tsubo or more. People who love the copse of trees that bring the blessings of the mountains, build their own homes in nature, make pottery, grow mushrooms, woodwork, and aim for self-sufficiency, all fulfilling their dreams. The Miyamorizawa district has 16 sections in total, and there are 3 permanent residents. It takes about 10 minutes by car to the station for daily shopping necessary for life, and there are several local houses in the surrounding fields, fields, and pastures. A 30-minute drive to Naruko Onsen, known as the hot spring yokozuna of the East, it is also a base for those who enjoy visiting hot springs and those who like mountain stream fishing.
It is a mansion made using precious Japanese wood. The first floor has a layout that can be used for restaurants, etc., and the toilet and bathroom are also fully equipped. Since the interior work on the second floor is not completed, it is possible to work according to the taste of the purchaser. There is also a character hot spring "Sakura no Yu" nearby, and you can enjoy it for a day trip bath fee of 600 yen.
West of Namioka Station is a detached house in a quiet residential area dotted with fields and houses. There are several hot spring facilities nearby (Health Forest Hanaoka Plaza, Popeye Onsen)
The property is still in use by the seller, so no major renovations are required. There is a fireplace, a hot spring, and there are restaurants and day-trip hot spring facilities nearby.
*There are 3 sections of the site *Only 1 section has a hot spring A relaxing time surrounded by beautiful natural scenery will enrich your daily life many times more than usual. You can also enjoy swimming in the sea in the summer and seafood from the Sea of Japan in the winter.
It is a villa site with a hot spring in Iida Kogen where you can see Kokonoe Kogen. The price includes hot spring rights. Located on a plateau at an altitude of 850 meters, it is known as the Karuizawa of Kyushu, and is the perfect site for building a summer house. A tennis court is also provided. *The source of the hot springs is collectively managed by the management association and drawn to each section. There is enough water. The spring quality is characterized by a high iron content. Depending on the season, the temperature may be slightly lukewarm, but no heating is required. You can use it as is. As for the water supply, there is a dedicated water supply, and if you pay the management fee, there is no charge for the amount of water. The view of the Kokonoe mountain range from the site is the best resort area in this area.
Close to Hosenji Onsen and Kawasoko Onsen, there is the Okuhosenji Onsen Villa, which is said to be associated with Michizane Sugawara, and the public open-air bath is beautifully maintained. and is freely available on weekends. At the end of 2006, the hot spring main in the villa area was replaced with a new one, and the road was repaved. The temperature of the hot spring source is ideally 65°C to 70°C. The good thing about this villa area is that you can enjoy the hot springs without boiling them even in winter! !
*There are 2 sections of the site. *Only one section has a hot spring. *From the 2nd floor, you can see Mt.Takachiho. You can enjoy the rich blessings of nature and live a comfortable life.
Villa area with hot spring It is a second-hand villa in Iida Kogen "Choja no Sato". This place is popular as a summer resort in Kyushu and is called Karuizawa in Kyushu. The property is about one year old. The site is 170 tsubo on a hill and has a large garden space. There is a semi-open-air bath, and the temperature of the hot spring is high (according to the seller).
It is a large piece of land near Lake Kinrinko. Right to collect hot springs1/10
A villa near Iida Kogen. The hot spring bath is in an attached building. Attached house 10.83m2 Built in 1997. Handing over the remaining ornaments as they are without the building being registered. Management fee 100,000 yen/year (General meeting in June). The floor is tilted.
This villa is located at the foot of Mt. Mannen, one of the 100 famous mountains in Kyushu. It is recommended as a summer resort in a cool climate. The hot springs are cold springs, but the spring quality is good and can be used for drinking. There is corrosion on the wood deck. Handing over the remaining ornaments as they are without the building being registered.
Free-flowing hot springs! ! It is a second-hand house near Onise station. The property is located along Route 210.
Blessed with rich nature and history, Mimasaka City has tourist facilities such as Mt. Ushiroyama, the highest mountain in Okayama Prefecture, the birthplace of Miyamoto Musashi, and Yunogo Onsen, one of Mimasaka's three hot springs. The Chugoku Expressway crosses the center of the town, providing good access to urban areas.
A log house that makes effective use of slopes. I am happy with the installation of the wood burning stove. You can enjoy hot springs in the open-air bath on the southeast side of the balcony. The BBQ space under the floor is a place to relax ♪
A splendid old private house with a land of about 307 tsubo has opened in Iga, a popular place to live and live! Apart from the main house, it comes with a large front garden, vegetable garden and parking space! The interior of the main building is well-maintained and has a good taste, so you can live as it is. The detached room has a full-fledged sunken hearth room and a bath like a hot spring inn. There is also a large vegetable garden, so it will be a property where you can enjoy a leisurely rural life while being self-sufficient. ☆The price has changed☆※Please contact us when you visit the house (*´ω`*).
Hot spring of beauty ♪ You can enjoy the same hot spring as "Sakakibara Onsen" every day in our bath. The sun is good, so flowers and some vegetables can be grown. The climate is comfortable all year round.
The entire building has been renovated, so you can live in it as it is. Located about 4.5 km from Ikaho Onsen, you can enjoy various hot springs during your walk. Transportation is now convenient, and Ikaho is not too far away.
An unoccupied property built by a house builder in Richland adjacent to the Awajishima Sunset Line. There is a subsidy system (with conditions) of Sumoto City that is nice for immigrants. It is about 1 km from Goshikihama Beach, and it is also close to hot springs, gyms, and commercial facilities, making it very convenient for living.
Since the Edo period, the public bath has been protected by the Yunakama system, and is a common property of the people of Nozawa Onsen Village, and is 100% natural hot spring. This property is recommended for those who are looking for a place near a ski resort or a hot spring facility.
This property is highly recommended for those who want to live in a place with a beautiful view from the second floor. In addition, Iiyama City is famous for its abundant snowmelt water and clean water. Maguse Onsen and Bokyo no Yu can be reached in about 8.9 km or about 16 minutes by car. It is rated as the best in eastern Japan in terms of hot springs.
This property is recommended for those who like hot springs as there are hot spring facilities within a 5-minute walk from the surrounding area. There is a study with a counter on the 3rd floor. It can be used as a telework space or a room where you can enjoy your hobbies.
A popular area with a distant view of "Yatsugatake, Southern Alps Phoenix Three Mountains and Kaikoma" and "Grand Mt. Fuji" to the south! "Convenience stores, supermarkets, home centers, hot springs, campgrounds" are also conveniently located nearby.

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