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[Renovated] September 24th (Saturday) Reservation required tour will be held (reservation required by 18:00 the day before) All rooms will be changed to 3LDK with Western-style rooms. The water line will also be replaced with a new one. A convenient location for shopping, about a 4-minute walk (300m) to the Sanei Mizugama store.
[Open House ♪] An open house will be held on Saturday, September 24th from 10:00 to 15:00 ♪ Renovated property ♪ All water-related parts will be replaced with new ones ♪ Exterior wall painting and roof waterproof painting ♪ Floor plan change from Japanese-style room to LDK etc. ♪ Please feel free to visit us♪
A raised-floor single-story detached house that can accommodate 4 parking spaces. The water area was also replaced with a new one and the renovation was completed ~(^_-) It is adjacent to Naha and has good access. Please feel free to contact us. Property manager: Murahama 098-989-4986
The water area has been replaced with a new one, and the entire room has been remodeled. Adjacent to Naha Shuri, the location is good for access. A raised-floor single-story detached house that can park 4 cars. Please match.
[There is a one-story property that can park 4 cars in Nishihara ☆] Price review! The area around the water has been replaced with a new one and the renovation has been completed (^_-)☆ It is adjacent to Naha and has good access. Contact us as soon as possible ♪ Home 21 Trust Real Estate
High-floor single-story detached house with parking for 4 cars! ! The area around the water will be replaced with a new one and will be renovated. It is located next to Naha and has good access.
A raised-floor single-story detached house that can park 4 cars. The area around the water has been replaced with a new one and has been remodeled. It is located next to Naha and has good access.
2021 reform! Exterior wall painting, kitchen, built-in stove, washstand, unit bath, hot water washing toilet, floor, wallpaper, etc. ♪ The interior is bright and clean with white base floor and wallpaper ♪ Adjacent to Shuri Ishimine, convenient for transportation.
Good location close to sightseeing spots! Currently operating a hotel business. 2 groups can be accommodated in a 2-household property. The interior, equipment, outer walls, and waterproofing have been renovated. We also have furniture and home appliances for the accommodation business!
Close to elementary school and nursing home! It is a spacious sales area of about 1400 tsubo! It can be used for various purposes such as new businesses in Mikuni-cho, where many stores have opened in recent years! Water and sewage already connected
[Land area about 52 tsubo] Waterproof painted in 2016 Interior renovation required
[There is a detached house with an ocean view in Soukei! ] A two-story property that is great for families. Comes with a carport and a waterproof roof. Other facilities are also enriched ♪ About 4 minutes to Ginoza Village IC! For details, contact the Nago store of Takuichi Real Estate Co., Ltd. ♪ 0980-45-0055
Renovated in 2018! A second-hand house for 2 households is out! The water around the bathroom and kitchen is beautiful! The third floor is rented for 40,000 yen a month! It is 3LDK on the 2nd floor and 2DK on the 3rd floor! A large supermarket is also nearby, and commercial facilities are enriched
It is sunny on the south side road and the west side waterway. You can feel nature nearby such as parks and Nagao River.
Convenient and quiet location with supermarkets, home centers, convenience stores, etc. within walking distance! Parking lot for 2 cars, water and sewage connection
Togane Waterfall 1880
①Although it was built in 1968, it has a track record of repairing the kitchen, roof tiles, septic tank installation, bath, toilet, and hot water system.
Ootomi, Kimitsu City, where this property is located, is located in the Kururi area of the city, which is known for its famous water. There is a self-flowing type well on the premises, which is rare in this property, and a pond using that water is also installed.
Oshima in the Seto Inland Sea where you can see the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge on a clear day. In front of Tomari fishing port. Cleared land where the building was demolished. Equipped with water and sewage. You can enjoy fishing and cycling. The land has a warm climate and is convenient for living, about 5 km from the town hall. It is about 9 km to the roadside station "Yoshiumi Ikiikikan".
It is close to the Seto Inland Sea and has a warm climate. Located in a quiet small subdivision with lots of nature. Can be connected to public water supply. A flat rectangular piece of land.
It is a villa site with a hot spring in Iida Kogen where you can see Kokonoe Kogen. The price includes hot spring rights. Located on a plateau at an altitude of 850 meters, it is known as the Karuizawa of Kyushu, and is the perfect site for building a summer house. A tennis court is also provided. *The source of the hot springs is collectively managed by the management association and drawn to each section. There is enough water. The spring quality is characterized by a high iron content. Depending on the season, the temperature may be slightly lukewarm, but no heating is required. You can use it as is. As for the water supply, there is a dedicated water supply, and if you pay the management fee, there is no charge for the amount of water. The view of the Kokonoe mountain range from the site is the best resort area in this area.
The location is 5 minutes by car to Taketa city, convenient for shopping. 10 minutes by car to the other sightseeing spots "Oka Castle Ruins", and 5 minutes by car to Takeda Springs "Kawada Springs" and "Izumi Springs", which are selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan. There is a vast farmland in front of the house, but this property does not have a farmland forest. It is for those who do not plan to farm.
It is the appearance of a property from Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, which is famous for the land of sunny weather. The property is located near a station and high-speed interchange, and is blessed with transportation access to both the center of Okayama Prefecture and the Hyogo Prefecture side. The floor plan is 6DK+ away. First, let me introduce the main house. When you open the entrance, there is a large entrance hall. If you go to the left, you will find a 12 tatami mat Western-style room and a Japanese-style room that are connected to each other. The Western-style room is spacious and recommended for use as a living room or reception room! If you go straight through the entrance, you will find a Japanese-style room of 9 tatami mats. This is a convenient room because everything around the water is nearby ☆ The owner uses it carefully, so it is in a relatively clean state including the water around ♪ The first floor is a dirt floor, and the second floor is a residence. Space. You
This is an introduction of a Japanese house located on the side of the highway from Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, where there are many tourist spots. Although it is 4.5 km from Kuze Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway, it is built at the foot of a mountain and there are almost no houses around, so it is a property where you can enjoy the feeling of a detached house. It's a 5DK, so it's just the right floor plan, and the 1st floor has 6 tatami mats and 8 tatami mats, so it's possible for people to get together! The DK is not too big and you can go out to the backyard from the back door. The tap water is drawn from well water, so you can use natural water as much as you want by turning on the faucet! On the 2nd floor, there are 2 Japanese-style rooms with 6 tatami mats, each of which is a private room, so you can create a private space. The farmland is spread out right in front of the house, so it is easy to manage and you can enjoy fresh produce as soon as it is harvested. The gard

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